Saturday, December 18, 2010


Yesterday Townes turned Mbili (that's two in Swahili). I know that I’m meant to say how quickly time has flown and that I can’t believe he’s already a toddler but the truth is that when I consider how much he has grown and changed since we met him on that snowy night in Zurich, it’s harder to believe that only two years have passed.
With scraped knees and a skater’s hairdo, Townes is no longer a baby. He has a knock-out memory (that I’m happy he picked up from his papa). He often sings himself to sleep with Baa Baa Black Sheep in its entirety or just chatting away with his duck. He loves his collection of matchbox cars which is a good thing considering how little space we made in our suitcases for toys. He can identify numbers 0 to 10 but a typical attempt to count his fingers on one hand can range from 3 to 8. He loves books and can fill in the blanks when we leave out words...this is also probably connected to the fact that we only brought about 8 books with us and have read them hundreds of times. He can greet and thank people in Swahili now which delights the folks we meet around Moshi. But for some reason the only question he knows how to answer is ‘How are you?’. If asked about his name, he will always reply ‘I’m fine.’ He loves running laps around the house and playing peek from behind the trees. This week he has mastered jumping with both feet leaving the ground but we’ll be in big trouble when he figures out that he is probably capable of climbing out of the pack’n’play he sleeps in every night! He has discovered that the best place to throw a tantrum is when in the backpack because there’s virtually nothing that can be done but to let him thrash about while enduring everyone’s stares. Since the introduction of time-outs a few weeks ago, Townes has spent his fair share of minutes behind a closed door weighing the cost of isolation against the fun of screaming or hitting. I suppose Townes let us know by crying for four months straight when he was born that he won’t ever be an easy kid to raise but he sure has brought us a lot of joy. Happy birthday, boy-o.


Tirzah said...

Happy Birthday indeed!

zach and anna said...

Happy Birthday Townes! Hope you had a great day. Look after your parents and remember Gari langu linaloangama limejaa na mikunga.

Braden and Anna said...

How is he 2, already!? Hope you guys are doing wonderful. Good work on keeping up with the blog so we can know how you are all doing. Where are you settling down next? I look forward to finding out.