Friday, January 22, 2010

Re-cap of 2009

It's true, Viva Pierre has become nothing more than an average baby blog with decent pictures and lackluster reflections. It can hardly be helped...Coy has been swamped with work lately which leaves me as the primary writer. And I'm glad to admit that I don't exactly have much going on besides play groups, strolls, and trying to motivate Townes to walk/talk/feed himself. But today I realized that I'm being quite lazy about the approach to the blog. Yesterday's post was written while watching a chick flick because it was another night without Coy.

So as an attempt to use this blog as the fine medium of communication/reflection that it has the potential to be, I thought I'd look back over 2009. Sure, we're a bit late into the new year for this sort of entry but a gal has got to start someplace. A small 'Best of '09' list:

Best Book: 'The Elegance of the Hedgehog' by Muriel Barbery, philosophical and whimsical novel about an observant woman who often went unnoticed as the concierge in a Parisian apartment building and an introspective 12-year old who is questioning the meaning of life and death. The story is really one of transformation and the power of letting yourself by known/seen.

Best Weekend Trip: We met up with Zach and Annalisa Thompson for a quiet weekend in a small Swiss village last February. Just a lot of talking and laughing and making food and enjoying that special friendship. The crutches in Anna's hands explain why this weekend probably did not make the '09 highlight list of the Thompsons.

Best Date: Hmm, this is either a result of my poor memory or of the fact that we didn't actually have many nights out this year but I enjoyed every minute of our Anniversary this year. We went to a fancy restaurant in Mobile. (Yes, Alabama does have some restaurants with tablecloths.) A fellow that Coy went to high school with spent years working at top-notch swanky places in NYC and has opened up True. We had a great meal and I didn't have to wipe anyone's mouth or pick up anything off the floor afterwards.
WAIT- I forgot about our night out in London- fantastic dinner and then saw the musical Wicked. Yep, that was a great evening.

Best Blog: So I've got to confess that I've been spending too much time reading other people's blogs. A goal for the new year is to limit the time that I spend just gazing into people's lives that I don't know but I'm not going to cut it off entirely b/c it can be inspirational and encouraging. With that caveat, I'd like to introduce you to: and

Best Children's Book: Townes is a fickle kid. One day he's loving 'Hooray for Fish' and the next he can't get enough of 'That's not my Monkey' but my favorite has been the Jesus Storybook Bible. It is beautiful and reading it aloud to him is like having my own devotional time. Highly recommend this- thanks again, Tirzah. (Townes's very favorite is probably the ultimate touch and feel book about trucks! He licks the different that a sign of genius?)

Best Program: We don't get much in English on our tv so we typically watch shows in season blocks. This year 'The Wire' was my favorite drama. (Though it did not help me get my mouth out of the gutter that it sunk into when watching Sopranos...just ask my folks, my vocab surprised them tremendously when I banged my head while home.) And Coy's cousin Allen gave us '30 Rock' which just makes us laugh.

Best Tradition: meals at the Langans. With the expansion of our family, eating out is no longer an easier option to cooking at home. Our friends Jake and Nancy learned this when their twins were born about 9 months before Townes. So we started having dinner or brunch at their house on a regular basis. Like both of his grandfathers, Townes can fall asleep anywhere so we've been able to continue the fun. Surprisingly, this is the only picture I have of the Langans and it's from a visit we took to a winery in Italy:

Best Coffee: Mmm, we miss Monmouth. This little coffee shop in the Borough Market often had a line of 20+ people but we regularly picked up our favorite drink, a Flat White, on our walk to Coy's office in the mornings.

Best Trip: Iceland.

Ok, that's all the categories I can think of at the moment. The holidays were so busy that we didn't really take the time to reflect on 2009 and compiling this list has helped me to do that. Obviously, the daily rhythms and the highlights and even the struggles of the past year were mainly wrapped around the adventure of becoming parents. But this list proves we still have a few other things going on!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Twins are a Piece of Cake

I don't know what the big fuss is- Johnny came for the morning on Monday when his babysitter was sick and it was a blast to have 2 one-year olds.

It probably helped that the boys were more likely to play beside each other than together. They both seem interested in petting the other's head though. Strange.

Johnny also did a terrific job of showing me how feeble our baby-proofing attempts have been up to this point. Though Townes can now scoot quickly, Johnny can walk and reach at a much faster pace. We've got some work to do around here.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Everytime I watch this trailer, I am overwhelmed by the connection I feel to mothers around the world. And I want to trade in some of Townes's toys for some sticks!

Despite being vocally opposed to television for babies, Townes and I did watch a few things on the computer during our jet lag evenings together. It was a special time- we kept the lights low and stayed in his little room with our books and quiet toys. Coy downloaded some Pixar short films which are charming 3 to 5 minute cartoons. And we enjoyed one of my favorite computer-pastimes, watching movie trailers. Babies was, by far, our favorite. Townes laughed at the goat in the bath bucket. He didn't seem nearly as impressed by the remake of Karate Kid with Jackie Chan and Will Smith's kid but I hope he'll watch it one day with his Uncle Cy. (Nobody can quote Danielson like my brother!)

The jet lag has passed. Townes is back to sleeping through the night. I'm certainly not sorry but I did enjoy our midnight cuddles with a pile of books and shows.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Who needs pants?

Just read an article on the BBC website that was entitled 'Passengers remove trousers for No Pants Subway Ride'

(Yes, I often use Townes's naptime to stay informed on vital global events.)

As it turns out, No Pants Day began in NYC a few years ago but is expected to have participants this year in 43 cities around the world. And Zurich made the list.

Sure, there's snow on the ground and we're battling a case of the sniffles but T and I may hit the rails after his nap ohne Hosen. If nothing else, I'm going to encourage Coy to leave his trousers at the office on his ride home.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


You think we would be pros at conquering jet lag by now but we have made a basic mistake this go-round. In recognition of the fact that Townes cannot tell time yet, we've been understanding of his middle of the night waking and we've been playing for a couple of hours around midnight. This is a by-the-books response to baby jet lag. We've erred in not attempting to keep a normal wake-up time in the morning. The past two mornings, all three Buckleys have slept until almost eleven!
Tomorrow this changes- an alarm clock has been set for the first time in 2010. It promises to be a rough morning for everyone but our midnight rendezvous will be an everyday occurrence until we set our mornings straight.
Our trip home was wonderful and I should probably be blogging about all the fun with family and friends but consider this to be an invitation for some late night Skyping!