Thursday, December 29, 2011

Merry Merry from Moshi

Let's see if this attempt to get the ol' blog back into action will be more successful. It has been pretty busy since our last posting and I know we're overdue with a birth announcement. So with a promise to flashback to some highlights from 2011 over the next few weeks let me just greet you properly from Tanzania, a place where proper greetings are extremely important. We arrived early on Monday the 19th after enjoying several days in Zurich with beloved friends. Our house and its previous renter were waiting for us so it really only took a day to unpack and settle in a bit. Jet lag, however, took longer. You'd think we would be experts by now but the boys' different approaches to the two 8 hour flights (Gus slept from take-off to landing both times and Townes hardly slept on either....hmm, I need to file that away with other indicators that Townes has Coy's personality and Gus has mine) turned us all upside down. Also the hot weather seemed to overwhelm Gus a bit and he just slept for the first three days in Moshi. Though we're back to normal now, we had some interesting middle-of-the-night family hangout time!

Christmas here was lots of fun. We went to a candlelight service at St Margaret's Church on Christmas Eve where we were so happy to see friends. (The church was beautiful too- rather than holding candles, simple lanterns were hung from ropes that were crisscrossed across the room. The cozy dim light made it difficult to read the carols but many people just pulled out small flashlights...part of the fun of living in a place where most mom's carry headlamps in their purses!) On Christmas morning, we decorated the felt Christmas tree before Townes opened a few presents. Then we headed to Lake Chagga for the afternoon. Townes was really proud of how well he was able to hike up and down the steep trails. We were invited to our friends' home in Marangu for Christmas dinner. Sharing a delicious meal while catching up and watching our children play together was more than I had even hoped for when I had worried that Christmas away from home would be too sad. As much as we have missed family in Memphis and Mobile, we're feeling at home in Moshi already.

And for those of you who have just checked in to finally see some pictures of the sweetest, calmest Buckley baby we know, here's Gus:

Hmm, it seems as though I packed the wrong USB cord for our camera so photos from TZ will be added to our entries once we have our first visitor at the end of January. Oops!