Friday, February 24, 2012

B-day Party

Using Pidgen Swahili with our gardener Gasto, I learned a few weeks ago that his 2 children had back-to-back birthdays coming up. (My dad's birthday is the day after mine and I've always felt that makes our b-days even more special.) When I told Gasto that I would like to make a cake for Veronica and Albert, I wasn't expecting much more than giving them a couple of presents and watching the kids play in the yard. However when people started arriving mid-morning and Mama Albert began cooking over the fire, I realized we had a bona fide party kicking off!
Need more proof?

Party hats!

Stroller Rides for all. Our double wide fits way more kids than a pony.

A cow made an unexpected appearance. When farm animals come crashing, you know your party is hopping.

The cake didn't hold up too well while we enjoyed a delicious meal of goat, roasted bananas, fried rice, bananas and Fanta. Note to self: butter cream icing may not be the best choice in Africa.

I was worried that I hadn't made enough until it came time to eat. Then Mama Flora cut the slices into bite-size pieces and the birthday duo fed each guest a bite. This was followed by each guest being given their own spoonful of ice cream! Do you know, it was surprisingly satisfying.

Gus didn't get any cake but he made a new friend!

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Callie said...

What a beautiful celebration! The excitement of the children in these photos are proof that it was a huge success--- even if the butter cream icing was not!