Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Road Trip!

This weekend we decided to get out of town for the first time since Christmas for two reasons: to show our friend more of Tanzania
and to get some relief from the heat! Rakesh has made it into the Buckley record book as our first visitor and we have greatly enjoyed his company. Hopefully ten days of close proximity to the emotional roller coaster of a 3-year old has not completely turned him against the idea of fatherhood. Or at least it has been balanced out by Gus's continued sweetness.

Marangu was our destination without much in mind other than relaxing, swimming a bit, and enjoying a good meal under the stars. Marangu is known for being the base town for Kilimanjaro climbers and the Marangu Hotel was originally a coffee farm that was started in 1907. By late afternoon on Saturday, it was beginning to cool and we played some bocce ball on the lawn while hoping that the clouds would clear for a view of Kili. The next morning I pushed for a family photo and this was about as good as we could manage!

After breakfast, we hiked to one of the seven waterfalls in Marangu which now has a 'Chagga Musuem' with sculptures and stories from the biggest tribal group of northern Tanzania. Townes impressed us all by hiking on his own for about an hour and a half but no one was surprised when he wanted to spend the same amount of time throwing rocks into the water. Not everything changes when you move halfway around the world!

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Rachiley said...

ahh yes, hours skipping rocks. i remember that well...hope y'all are having a blast. miss you guys.