Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lake Chala- a view from above

By now, Babu and Bibi have been here for 3.5 weeks. Their visit has gone quickly- an enjoyable mix of exciting road trips and low-key time at home playing with the boys. On each adventure, I've wanted to blog about it afterwards but now I have 2 witnesses to testify to the trouble of coordinating the free time to write with the availability of power and internet connection. At least now they know that we've not been avoiding them! One of my goals for their time here was to catch up on Viva Pierre while the boys were happily entertained so I'll just start now at the beginning of their trip

We spent the first week introducing my parents to Moshi and didn't leave town until that Saturday. Then we drove out to Lake Chala where friends of ours are building up a campsite there. For now you can rent tents and order food/drinks but the work is underway for an impressive dining hall and lodges. We enjoyed a barbeque lunch from the grill while Townes played with Tristan and then we hiked to the river beds. The climb down to the lake was a bit more than we wanted to tackle so we'll have to go back soon.

As an expert rock-thrower, Townes was eager to splash stones in the "Fanta colored" water!

Baboons surprised us later by playing near the campsite. And the picture below is of the elephant poo we saw on our hike. Just your typical outing in Tanzania!

Here's Dad relaxing with a Safari beer...he had threatened to arrive here wearing a true safari outfit with lots of pockets and my grandfather's pith helmet from his tour in India during WWII. This shirt is as close as he got to looking like an extra in Tarzan!

Monday, June 04, 2012

Kacey's Kitchen

Instructions for Mango-Avacado Salad

1.Pick some mangoes from the tree in your yard. You can probably gather enough from ground. Grab a lemon or two as well while you're outside.

2. Cut mangoes and avocadoes into nice chunks. Cut tomatoes a bit smaller and dice some red onions

3. Mix everything together. Squirt on your lemon juice and sprinkle some salt.

4. Attempt to serve as a salsa-style condiment but resign yourself to your husband eating it straight out of the bowl.