Saturday, July 14, 2012

Adventure #2- Safari!

It's hard to believe it but my folks have already come and gone. Who knew a month could go so quickly? I'd already begun writing this post so I'll just carry on reporting the highlights. Chances are I can find a few photos to share in the 1400 that mom took!

So after another low-key week with Moshi outings and plenty of playtime, we decided to head to Arusha National Park to see what animals we could spot. We stayed the night at River Trees, a beautiful small hotel tucked into a forest. My mom has still not recovered from the excitement of our family being upgraded to the the River House where Prince Charles and Lady Camilla had stayed last fall.

Most people leave for safari as close to dawn as they can muster but there was no way we wanted to hurry out of that place!

We took our own car but hired a wonderful guide to come along. He wouldn't admit it but we saw these giraffes so closely to the gate that I think they must be planted there to thrill everyone at an early sighting!

The baboon troop was not far past them and did not seem to mind our presence at all.

The amazing trees were another highlight of the safari. Now that I've written that, I think it may just be a positive way of saying that we didn't spot lions or elephants! But we were quite happy to see zebras, impalas, buffuloes, warthogs, and a number of cool birds. Besides, we know what wild thing was the real draw for my parents: