Monday, September 17, 2012

Boys and their Wheels

We never had to encourage Townes to obsessively play with cars. When he was 6 months, an easy way to entertain him at the park was to turn his stroller over and spin the small wheels. And for the last month, Townes has been waking up and asking to go outside and bike.

This picture was taken by Marc-Gregor and I love how it captures the seriousness that Townes brings to his biking!

We had to return the balance bike to its owner when she returned from a few months abroad. It was a terribly sad day. Townes is now trying to master the bike with pedals which is no easy feat considering the terrain. He's had a number of spills and often needs a push when the training wheels get stuck. The other day, he fell on the way to school and was so upset that he was refusing to go any further. A man who was walking past came over and said in Swahili, 'Get up and ride that bike' and then he made a move to put Townes on his bike. Townes quickly hopped up and pedalled off!

Here he is with his biker gang (and yes, he is also really attached to that shirt, or any shirt with numbers because that means they're fast)

Understandably, Gus has been eager to get moving himself. Yesterday he stood up on his own for the first time and I imagine that wobbly steps are soon to be taken. We had a local carpenter make a walker for him that looks like the front part of a scooter. Gus can push himself around the yard which is helpful considering the number of times I have to give Townes a hand.

Yep, the Buckley Boys are on the move!