Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I recently took the boys to our friend's farm that is in a village in the foothills of Kili. We had been there before but wanted to return to check on his newest endeavor....bees! Townes had been asking questions about how honey is made so we decided to go and see for ourselves. (He's also been asking about paper and crayons and houses and helicopters and blood and volcanoes...I haven't come up with field trip ideas for the whole list yet. Ideas?)

I wasn't sure what to expect but they've put hives inside of wooden boxes and then left the bees to do their work. I'm planning on inviting ourselves out again when it's time to extract the honey! I was assured that these particular bees do not sting...Gus leaned in close but I wouldn't let him shake anything, just in case.

And that was the closest Gus got to any of the animals. I was surprised by how fearful he was of everything else! This 3-day old calf made him cling on to me and squeal:

He was enjoying the view from the door until one of the hens flapped up to greet him which left him in tears.

Our friend sent us home with a tray of eggs. Townes was so excited by this huge egg that he wanted to cook it up as soon as we got home. The thrill continued when we cracked it open to find TWO yolks inside!

I suppose we now know which brother inherited the Buckley farming genes!

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