Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sam I Was

A new pet joined our ranks about a month ago.

He was quickly dubbed 'Sam' by Townes, presumably from our recent Dr Seuss kick. Unlike the green-egg yielding Sam, ours preferred to be left on his own.

We've encountered less friendly tortoises here. Buddies of ours have a turtle that will headbutt visiting children but he also nudges soccer balls around their yard. Sam was never as active. To find him we would just walk along the hedges until we could spot him nestled the shade.

Sadly, Sam ran away from home one day when I left the gate open. We searched the road up and down when we discovered he was gone but he must have had more gumption than we'd realized.

Townes was pretty upset about the loss and Gus comforted himself by dining with our remaining pet who was happy to have our full attention again.