Friday, May 31, 2013

Vacation Time

This post is being written in the comforts of the United States. We've been in America for more than a week now and it has been wonderful! The boys have understandably had some culture shock. Gus spent the first few days asking for people from Moshi by name. (Where's Jonah? I want Thomas.) And Townes marveled at wonders like the elevator at the airport and all of the paved roads!

There will be more to report on from our trip home but I need to put up some pictures from our trip last month to Zanzibar! Because April is a low season for tourists, some hotels in Zanzibar had specials going for East African residents. Ahh, we had a fantastic trip!

Fishermen brought their catch to the beach in front of our place. We joined the cook to see what they'd caught. I'm sure that I later at some of that squid b/c I had seafood salad for lunch and dinner everyday!

Photo by Townes

All beaches have donkeys, right?

We have a similar picture involving Coy and Andy Block on a cannon in Morocco...can you walk past a cannon and not hop on?