Sunday, February 24, 2013

Geo-Caching and Glamping

Coy is in DC this week for a conference but here's some pictures from recent adventures!

Our friend Marc Gregor discovered the fun of geo-caching while back in Paris. He was excited to continue to fun in TZ but had to create a treasure hunt for Townes after discovering the the actual geo-cache at the old train station was missing. He did a great job with clues and a terrific treasure.

We also tried our hand at family camping, sort of. The Kilimanjaro Mountain Club put on a trip near the national park in Arusha. We signed on when we realized that Townes and Coy could sleep in a tent while Gus and I slept nearby in a cabin! The campsite was actually just the grounds of a nice hotel who was low on tourists and willing to let our crew pop tents. Our plan is to tent again soon with all Buckleys in sleeping bags but this was a better start.

See, Gus looks ready!

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Nairobi Highlights

Before Christmas, we decided to head to the big city. The drive was about seven hours which our beast of a truck managed well. The kids did too which I suppose they deserve credit for...7 hours, no music or AC or fast food stops. Nairobi is now home to some friends we met in Ghana. She's working for the CDC and he's heading up a cool group called MicroEnsure. It was great to catch up and meet their sweet baby. Gus did them a favor by pointing out everything that needs to be babyproofed before Madigan learns to walk. (Sorry again about that wine glass!)

Though Coy and I enjoyed trying to make up for a year of not eating sushi by eating a year's worth in one night, the outings to the Elephant Orphanage and the Giraffe Sanctuary were probably the highlights for the boys:

If these spots look familiar, this may be why: Kenya, 2007